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“A Quick Note to My Son with Invisible Disabilities” - #ADHD

Don’t listen to what other people think about you, because they don’t know you like we do.


As I sit at my desk, wiping my tears and preparing myself for the workday, I am overwhelmed. I am filled with frustration and joy all at once. You will understand this feeling some day when you are a daddy to your own little ones.

We knew you were special right from the start. You were the sweetest, liveliest little baby, and you were always aware of what was going on around you. You were babbling by five months, and everyone who met you fell in love.

As you have gotten a little older, some of your spark has dimmed, but we can get it back, my boy!

I want to be sure you know a few things as you grow up and begin making decisions for yourself. There some things about you that are extra special. Doctors call them diagnoses, but they are no different from me having big legs or your daddy having feet that look like a Hobbit’s. These features are what make us unique.

It is easier to focus on the negative sometimes. You might get into mischief more than other boys as your little mind reels out of control and you are super focused on one interest or another. You may jump around more often or have to cover your ears when you hear loud noises.

But you know what else?

You are unbelievably kind. Your muscles are strong, and your heart is brave. You are imaginative, creative, and already smarter than Mommy at math. You are also the most hilarious little boy I’ve ever met. You may lose your temper at times, but we will be right beside you helping you learn how to manage those kinds of things.

Growing up is tricky.

Remember that, no matter how wild things might get, we are proud that God chose us to be your parents. He could have picked any mommy and daddy for you, but He chose us and we are grateful.

We know how beautiful your soul is and how much you love your family. We listen to you pray for them every night, even if your bedtime is a rough one.

Son, you are not broken because your mind works differently than others. You are pretty amazing. You can do things and think things that no one else could dream up. So don’t listen to what other people might think about you, because they don’t know you like we do.

You are not broken, my sweet boy. You are perfect.


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