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Client Feedback

"When I first came for coaching with Richard I had just been diagnosed with ADHD in my late 30s and my life was basically an overwhelming mess. I was successful on the outside, but really struggling to hold everything together at work and home. Things feel very different now and, while I won’t say life always feels manageable, I definitely cope much better when things are challenging.

Richard gave me space to explore what was going on ‘through the ADHD lens’ and validated how hard it can be to live with ADHD, especially raising children with ADHD when you are neurodivergent yourself. He creates a safe coaching space where I felt heard and understood and where my needs and experiences felt like they really mattered. He offers insights and perspectives that helped me see myself more positively and be realistic with my time and commitments. I never felt judged or disbelieved or invalidated, which are definitely experiences I’d had elsewhere in relation to ADHD.

Through coaching I have stopped trying to build strategies that will turn me into a person without ADHD, and instead have understood and accepted my brain and built a life that works for me. I have changed careers to something that better suits my needs and, thorough accepting my limitations rather than battling to get past them, find myself functioning much better in daily life, and feeling happier as well!


Communication between myself and my teenage daughter has improved dramatically and I’ve used insights and strategies from my coaching sessions to help her understand herself better as well. She is now doing her A levels and thriving because she understands how her brain works, what she needs, and is learning to advocate for herself with her teachers and friends. She’s benefitted from Richard’s coaching without even being a client!


I really recommend Richard if you need to understand yourself and how ADHD manifests in your life. I definitely see this as the first step to building a life that works for you and lets you succeed, whatever that looks like for you." 

Charlie, former University Academic, Devon

"When I was coming to terms with a recent diagnosis, Richard helped me understand how and the extent to which ADHD has affected my life. His approach was thoughtful and empathetic, always focusing on understanding and working with my personal experiences and needs rather than relying on off-the-shelf theories and solutions. Together we identified strategies, tools, and systems to support me at work and at home, and Richard supported me in reflecting on what was working and why (or why not). The results have been stark. I am less chaotic, calmer, and more confident about my ability to cope. I have just taken on a new job with a significant promotion, whereas I think this opportunity would have felt too daunting before my sessions with Richard."

Guy, International Environmental Consultant, London

"Coaching with Richard has been life changing! Before we began working together, I imagined that ADHD coaching would be all about fixing what I felt was broken. Starting out, I was given space to reflect on my challenges and experience of work, life and education, but most importantly, as time went on, coaching with Richard has helped me to explore and recognise myself.


Richard is clear and kind and has helped me come up with some practical solutions to becoming more organised, less stressed and able to be ‘on top of things’. As a result I feel more confident, happy and much better at self-advocating. Embracing ADHD has been the best part of my coaching experience. The work we have done together allows me to now celebrate the different ways that I think, feel and work!

Josh, Strategic Development Manager, Cheltenham

"Working with Richard has made a huge difference to my life since we started coaching. The regular coaching sessions and accountability that Richard provides have really helped me focus my energies on the important long-term projects that matter to me, and I no longer feel the ‘stuckness’ that I felt before with my ADHD. He keeps his eye on the big picture and helps me act in line with it.

I’ve found myself able to stick with my habits and routines far better than before, and have been able to bring new ways of looking at my habits. I’ve wanted to lose weight for years, but my previous mindset wasn’t helping me achieve this. Richard’s helped me see things in a way that’s tailored to my brain, and I’ve found myself able to lose weight without ever feeling like it’s hard work.

Richard’s outlook has made all the difference. He’s emphasised balance and fairness to myself instead of the pressure I used to feel. He’s made me realise that recuperation and down time are an essential part of being productive, and as a result I’m much more in control of my professional and personal life overall. This seems counterintuitive to someone with ADHD, but it worked for me!

I’d recommend Richard to anyone who’d like to break through the barriers that ADHD causes and learn how to work with their brain rather than against it."

Sebastian, IT Project Manager, London

"In addition to the tremendously positive feedback from teachers who attended CPD with Richard, I know I speak for colleague Headteachers who found his subsequent input to our KAIS Conference (Kenya Association of International Schools) highly informative. For all school leaders, Richard's insights served to refresh and give us a renewed focus us on the expectations, training and support needed in all schools. Richard was able to capture descriptions of individual children, who we recognise and interact with every day. These are young people who Richard reminded us, deserve a school life that is happy and rounded. Richard’s presentation, based on a genuine and unique perspective, provided the essential ingredients for any successful CPD - a real insight with practical and workable suggestions."

Maureen Cussans, Headteacher, Kenton College Preparatory School, Nairobi, May 2019

Feedback: N Mugambi (Director of Music)


The INSET was organised for learning support in our schools. I attended the INSET due to the
close working partnership between the Music and Learning Support departments where, music is
used as an educational support strategy with several pupils in the school. The music department also
has one-on-one lessons with over 220 pupils every week hence the importance of the INSET for
individual pupil development.


The content covered was wide enough to give a very good overview of ADHD in learners. I
personally found that it was also useful at multiple levels;

  • Content that targeted the more analytical and theoretical elements of ADHD such as neurobiology, how medication works, diagnosis etc.

  • Content that covered practical elements of ADHD such as symptoms, executive function manifestation, developmental and environmental effects on learners, sleep, anxiety etc.

  • Practical suggestions on inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, learning zones, exercise,organisation, praise & reward, discipline etc.

Impact and Outcome
The INSET had an immediate impact and outcome specific to the music department;

  • An abridged version of content covered will be passed on during the upcoming P1 and P2 music teachers INSET on 30th August 2019. This impacts 25 teachers who attend the annual INSET.

  • Strategies picked up are already being used in existing cases for specific pupils using music as part of their learning support.

  • The strong suggestion of incorporating exercise and movement as a routine within the teaching day has excellent merit. The music department will think through practical ways of putting this

  • into practice for class music lessons. I think it should be tried at a whole school level.

  • At a personal level, the INSET reinvigorated my teaching as well as academic passion for music
    as an all-round educational tool for all pupils.


From the training, it was possible for any teacher to learn a lot, especially if they think of practical
ways that the areas discussed are manifested in every day teaching. Most importantly, the practical
suggestions of ways of tweaking teaching for ADHD pupils are applicable to all pupils.

Njane Mugambi, Director of Music, Peponi House Preparatory School, Nairobi, Kenya - 27 May 2019

"Richard is a very able and balanced coach. As well as his very competent ADHD coaching, his grasp of business principles and the typical challenges in a business environment has proved invaluable – I feel that with this additional business perspective, the coaching is just so much more effective in our specific situation – if you are needing help at least partly with challenges in a work environment, this is an important consideration. His approach is very down-to-earth and common sense, whilst based on fundamental well-researched ADHD methodology to back it up. He is firm but not pushy. I would certainly recommend him to anyone."

Anonymous, England

"Richard is an excellent coach - I have always found him friendly and helpful with great intuition, knowledge, insight and wisdom.   I came across Richard when pushing various doors looking for answers to help me cope better with the demands of work and family.   I have struggled with dyslexia and organisation issues throughout my life and wondered if ADHD/executive function difficulties were involved.

Richard has gently helped me to unpack issues past and present and explain the role that divergent neurobiology may have played.  He has also helped me though simple lifestyle and organisation techniques to build strategies that work with, rather than against, my executive function challenges.  


It is still early days for me on this journey but with Richard’s help I am moving from a position of being overwhelmed with stress, worry and anxiety about life to one of optimistically looking forward to the future with good strategies for coping in place.   I would definitely recommend Richard as a coach."

Rachel, England


"You encouraged me to find solutions and problems for myself, rather than telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. Many of the solutions to my problems were found by talking through the problem that I had (eg. Anxiety when I wasn’t exercising) and talking about how I might go about fixing it (by doing light exercise every morning), rather than just ‘prescribing’ me exercise to fix my anxiety. This helped me feel like I was a part of the coaching and that we were working together as a team, rather than me being told what to do."

Toby, Iceland

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