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ADHD coaching is an extraordinary process of self discovery.

ADHD coaching encourages clients to recognise and understand how their ADHD challenges and strengths show up and can be overcome or better used in order to live a more fulfilling life, both in terms of their academic and social potential and the enjoyment derived from life during education and thereafter.

Book a free initial half hour consultation call with me, it's confidential and non-judgemental, and if I cannot help there are others who can, so go ahead and book that call using the top button below:

Read about Fran's experience below:

When I started working with Richard, I had a lot of things I wanted to achieve.


First and foremost, I wanted to learn to understand myself and how to prevent me from going into burnout so often. Richard taught me something straight away, which has now become my mantra: “work with your brain and not against it”. This was the first step to become compassionate and kind towards myself. Consequently, thanks to his support, I was able to pause and understand my behaviours better and unpick old patterns.


He helped me to make sense of myself by teaching me how to to recognise my feelings and responses, to understand why certain responses happened, and suggested strategies to support my brain rewiring. He shared not only how my brain works, but how my nervous system works. His non-judgmental approach helped me to feel safe to share anything, and thanks to him I was able to achieve all the goals I wanted to focus on before starting coaching with him.


The SSP was also very useful to calm my nervous system and to allow me to slow down a bit, equally with my thoughts and action.


To conclude, I really encourage you to give Richard a chance to help you getting to know yourself more, becoming compassionate and kind with yourself. You will feel a lot better after!

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