Coaching - “What is it?”

What is an ADHD coach?

Many of you have probably heard of a life coach. An ADHD coach is a ‘life coach’ but is trained to listen for and take into account a client’s ADHD challenges.

Coaching in contrast to psychotherapy concentrates on the present and empowers clients to move forward into the future; creating a life where they can prosper and thrive by understanding the unique challenges that ADHD may throw at them and using the gifts, talents and strengths that are a part of the ADHD individual. 

Coaching is a joint effort, a team with a common goal, the client’s goal.

As we explore your strengths through the coaching process, you will develop your own solutions and coping strategies for your academic, work and life challenges – the coach is there to offer you a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for you to come up with your own answers and guide you through the process by offering support and accountability where necessary.

Areas we may explore during our sessions:

  • Attention, Processing and Executive Function

  • Physical and Mental Hyperactivity

  • Poor Performance, Overwhelm and Rumination

  • Procrastination and Anger

  • Impulsivity, Following Through and Time Management

  • Self Esteem and Self Awareness

  • The best way for your to prepare for academic exams and completing your thesis or coursework

How do I get started?

Initially, we would firstly have a free 30 minute consultation phone call to see if coaching would benefit you as the client – this can be scheduled here.


The coach will introduce the concept of coaching and the client will touch on some of the main challenges facing them. The client and coach will discuss whether or not coaching will help move the client forward, and if not, what are the other options open to them besides coaching.

If the client decides to go ahead, they will be sent a Welcome Pack which will include the coaching agreement, and if the agreement is acceptable, the client will sign it.

Thereafter, the client will book the coaching sessions. As coaching is not a quick fix solution, the normal commitment is a minimum of 3 months, however this is up to you. Typically, there would be three to four 1 hour sessions per month which the client schedules on this website to fit in with their work or family commitments. These 1 hour sessions can be booked here.

How much does it cost?

Coaching costs are in line with other professional services like therapy and mentoring. 


Do I have to travel for appointments?

No. I have been specifically trained to conduct our coaching sessions via video conferencing or on the phone.