3 May 2018

“My son’s playdates comprise playing video games for five hours on a Saturday. He’s a nerdy kid — no sports, 130 IQ, ADHD, non-outdoors person — any suggestions?”

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I am a big believer in a balancing a child’s activities — academic, athletic, artistic, gami...

13 Apr 2018

Learning the rules of team sports can be tough for any kid, let alone a child who is also juggling ADHD. Use these tips to help your child follow directions, learn the value of teamwork and discover her place on the field.

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During my early days of coaching...

25 Feb 2018

Michael Phelps, hailed as the greatest Olympian ever, has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Can his, and others', success be used help inspire younger people?

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One has acquired more Olympic medals than any other athlete in history. The other was kn...

29 Jan 2018

Not all sports are created equal. As a result of symptoms like difficulty following directions, kids with ADHD often excel at sports that offer one-on-one coach attention and clear rules. Learn more from these expert recommendations.

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October 9, 2018

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