11 Jun 2018

Technology is empowering, mind-expanding, and awfully fun. It’s also hugely distracting from daily responsibilities and relationships – particularly for kids with ADHD. Here, learn how to teach your tween or teen how to use their devices responsibly — and enforce conse...

10 Jun 2018

Your teen gets lost in video games — so how can you bring him back now and then to life in the real world? Smart strategies for cutting down without cutting him off.

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Your teenager with ADHD spends too much time playing video games, but you don’t want to d...

27 May 2018

Phones. Computers. Tablets. Game Consoles. TVs. For parents, screens are the enemy we love to hate – they take over our kids’ minds (and steal their attention). In this video, learn how to establish a parent-child agreement that will help kids with ADHD use electronics...

11 Feb 2018

Smart phones, video games, and mobile apps are all woven into our daily lives. They are inescapable, but also potentially dangerous – particularly for children and teens with ADHD. Learn how to strike a healthy digital balance in your household.


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10 Feb 2018

A summer or school break without screen time is not realistic. But allowing digital devices can lead down a slippery slope — if parents don’t institute smart limits early on. Here, learn to craft a play diet that balances clicking with other important activities.


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October 9, 2018

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