6 Oct 2018

Spending too much time online? You’re not alone — the instant gratification of Internet searches can boost dopamine in the brains of adults with ADHD. Here’s how to break the habit — without cutting the cord.

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The ping of a text or a Google search lights u...

1 Oct 2018

Executive functioning might be a key part of human behavior, but ADHD can make it tricky for kids to execute. Learn how to use memory, organization and self-regulation to nurture your child’s EF skills.

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Efficient executive functioning is critical to all h...

30 Sep 2018

ADHD impacts multiple regions of the brain — the ones that control attention and impulsivity, and also the ones that help us identify and control our emotions. Here, find advice for parents who find their homes overwhelmed by sudden, intense bouts of emotional chaos.


29 May 2018

Hyperfocus is a common, but confusing symptom of ADHD. How can someone be distractible, but also concentrate intently on an interesting task? In this video, learn about this complicated feature of the condition.

Powerful, erratic, and somewhat mysterious, hyperfocus is...

6 Mar 2018

#ADHD ~There’s more than one way to teach self-control, concentration, and responsibility. Our favorite? These board, card, and action games that make learning fun and collaborative!

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Helping your young child with attention deficit hyperactivity di...

6 Mar 2018

#ADHD ~If your child seems incapable of paying attention in class (or at the supermarket, or in the car, or during dinner), use these strategies to refocus her mind.

Source: freeqration.com

He was a “dream baby,” his mother says with pride. Little Jeff was happy, affecti...

11 Feb 2018

Daphne Bavelier

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Positive Pathways - Empowering Coaches to Strengthen Their Clients' Brains - #ADHD

October 9, 2018

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