9 May 2018

Women with ADHD have spent their lives scrabbling around for social footing, constantly on edge. This life of fear brings on anxiety — I know, because I have it. Here’s what my day-to-day life looks like, and what I do to cope.

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On days when I’m n...

26 Apr 2018

What parents of boys with ADHD should watch for as their sons pass through adolescence.

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Until he was 10 or 11, Robert was cheerful and lively, if sometimes distractible and hyper. Then came 12 and 13. “He alternates between couch potato and monster,” says...

10 Apr 2018

My father’s love of life and wife gave me the strength of spirit to hold on to my wife during our recent times of struggle.

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Stuff just happens. No reason to it. No predicting when days get dark and dangerous for anyone. During these last couple of months,...

26 Feb 2018

Worried all the time even when you have no reason to be? You may be suffering from anxiety disorder. Learn more about symptoms and different types of anxiety, as well as how to treat it.

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Everyone feels a little anxious from time to time. Worrying...

5 Feb 2018

Here's what to do when you just can't shake it.

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Over many years of work with people who struggle with anxiety, I've seen that the techniques that change one person's life may not be nearly as helpful for another individual. Even the experience of...

21 Jan 2018

Never doubt someone who suffers from symptoms they cannot show you.

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This blog comes from a parent of a child with “invisible disabilities.” It comes from a teacher whose students miss class for mental illnesses that no one can verify. It c...

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October 9, 2018

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