10 Oct 2018

…and I wish I hadn’t believed the lies for so long.

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The first time I heard about stimulant abuse, I was in middle school. According to rumors, our vice principal had been caught stealing a kid’s Ritalin from the nurse’s office and, seemingly overnight, h...

22 Aug 2018

Research shows that ADHD exacts a greater toll on women than it does on men. Clinicians need a different set of tools for diagnosing and treating the disorder across genders — and women deserve a better understanding of how the disorder affects them.

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18 Mar 2018

An effective ADHD treatment plan may include medication, behavior therapy, a clean diet, vitamins and supplements, coaching, or all of the above. The first step to selecting the best option(s) is research. Get started here.

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The best ADHD treatment strateg...

13 Mar 2018

Successfully treating ADHD isn’t as simple as filling a prescription and living happily ever after. Getting ADHD meds to work to their optimal benefit requires trial and error, close monitoring, and patience. Doctors and patients offer guidelines for using stimulant me...

4 Mar 2018

#ADHD ~Disorganized daydreamers. Social butterflies. Space cadets. These are all awful labels applied wrongfully and thoughtlessly to girls with ADHD. Learn the signs and symptoms of attention deficit in girls, and save your daughter a lifetime of shame.

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4 Mar 2018

#ADHD ~Typical symptoms of ADHD in girls — like daydreaming, non-stop talking, tardiness — are too often shrugged off or mistaken for flakiness or laziness. This can lead to a lifetime of poor self-esteem, among other problems. If your daughter is easily distracted or...

26 Feb 2018

Michelle Beckett, a 44-year-old entrepreneur from Harrogate, always knew she was different. But, like many women who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), she did not fit the stereotypical profile of a child with the condition. Beckett’s difficul...

27 Jan 2018

Attention deficit disorder is a complex condition with two distinct presentations, both of which are officially known as ADHD. ADD is the term commonly used to describe symptoms of inattention, distractibility, and poor working memory. ADHD is the term used to describe...

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October 9, 2018

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