5 Oct 2018

More insights, but from teens and young adults...

4 Oct 2018

Some insights from fathers who found it hard to understand their ADHD kids....

19 Aug 2018

As your child matures, his meltdowns should stop, right? Not exactly. As hormones kick into high gear, ADHD-related behavior problems come on fast and furious. Here’s how to navigate puberty with ADHD.

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My middle-school son is pretty typical. When he’s hom...

18 Aug 2018

Advice for parents helping tweens cope with the intense emotions of middle school: protein, ask the right questions, and problem-solve to calm things down.

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Ever since your child took his first step, you’ve been preparing him for the “emotional falls” of l...

4 Jul 2018

Your child’s busy brain thrives on structure and stimulation  — two things missing in the summertime. If it feels like a full-time job keeping your child entertained (and learning) when school’s out, watch this for creative, fun activity ideas.

You don’t want to spend t...

2 Jul 2018

Children don’t act out to gain attention or control their parents. They do it because they can’t meet our expectations, and that is incredibly frustrating. What they need is not punishment, but help identifying and strengthening the deficient skills that are to blame....

1 Jul 2018

Your teen is on the verge of failing school, and doesn’t seem to care. But no amount of your stress or sweat will make your teen work harder at school. In fact, the opposite is true. Instead, try these strategies when your teen is phoning it in.

Your teen is barely pass...

27 Jun 2018

Not everyone wants to go to college right after they graduate from high school — and that’s okay! If your teen with ADHD isn’t ready to dive into more schooling, consider these productive alternatives to a four-year college instead. Sometimes, distance and perspective...

26 Jun 2018

Roughly 40 percent of children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) also have oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) or a related defiance or conduct disorder. Could your child’s defiance, anger, and disobedience be symptoms of ODD? Find out everything you need t...

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