9 Oct 2018

This is a fantastic article on how coaches can help ADHD clients pay attention to the positives in their life. It is a very interesting read!

CLICK HERE to access the article.

Article Source: choice 'the magazine of professional coaching'

18 Mar 2018

How the right coach can help adults with ADHD meet personal goals.

Source: wix.com

An ADHD coach can help you to…

  1. pay attention to goals long enough to complete them.

  2. learn ways to self-motivate and stay on task.

  3. develop strength-based structures in your lif...

1 Mar 2018

Sometimes, medication alone does not turn around a child’s negative behaviors. If you’re a parent at the end of her rope, don’t lose hope — behavioral parent training may be your best shot at a calmer household and a better relationship with your child.

Source: freeqrat...

27 Feb 2018

Your ADHD medication helps with focus and impulsitivity — but you still struggle with time management, organization, and self-esteem. Could an ADHD coach be the solution you need? Read on to research the pros and cons of coaching.

Source: ADHD Coaching

You’re an adult wi...

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Positive Pathways - Empowering Coaches to Strengthen Their Clients' Brains - #ADHD

October 9, 2018

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