1 Oct 2018

Executive functioning might be a key part of human behavior, but ADHD can make it tricky for kids to execute. Learn how to use memory, organization and self-regulation to nurture your child’s EF skills.

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Efficient executive functioning is critical to all h...

10 Sep 2018

Solid college prep begins at home, and it doesn’t happen overnight — so make a long-term plan to help your child succeed when she heads to campus.

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First, the good news: the number of students with ADHD and/or LD attending college has increased exponential...

12 Jun 2018

Conventional wisdom calls video gaming a distraction that gets in the way of learning. But for teens with attention deficit, it may actually offer a way to enhance executive function.

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If playing video games for hours guaranteed future success, I would be...

1 May 2018

“If he could, he would.” Children with ADHD don’t always act rudely or awkwardly on purpose — sometimes, they simply lack the executive function skills to keep up with confusing social norms and fast-paced conversations. Here’s how parents can reframe these social chal...

12 Apr 2018

Routines and planning are the glue that keeps your ADHD life from falling apart. Six simple tips show you how to embrace structure – and take back control.

Source: wix.com

If you want to have a successful day with ADHD, you must add structure to your life. Otherwise you’...

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October 9, 2018

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