18 Oct 2018

Unfortunately (at least, for those of us with ADHD) we live in a clock-driven world. Catch up to the rest with these tips for keeping track of time with an ADHD brain.

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Back in the 1980s, a patient I was seeing for ADD (that’s what we called it then; out...

17 Oct 2018

Google will tell you that marriage with ADHD is difficult, but there are so many traits that come along with the condition I wouldn’t trade in for the world. They make my wife the woman I love.

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I asked my amazingly wonderful, devastatingly handsome, most...

16 Oct 2018

Does your partner struggle to understand your ADHD brain? Here, one couple’s secrets to a happy marriage—and their long journey to acceptance.

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My husband, Victor, is a neatnik. He tidies his paperwork so that it lines up with the edge of his desk. The pa...

15 Oct 2018

Stress, volatile emotions, and looming deadlines can affect two people in very different ways — and this can strain ADHD-affected relationships. Here, find ideas from spouses with ADHD for bridging this gap and bringing the love back to your partnership.

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10 Oct 2018

…and I wish I hadn’t believed the lies for so long.

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The first time I heard about stimulant abuse, I was in middle school. According to rumors, our vice principal had been caught stealing a kid’s Ritalin from the nurse’s office and, seemingly overnight, h...

6 Oct 2018

Spending too much time online? You’re not alone — the instant gratification of Internet searches can boost dopamine in the brains of adults with ADHD. Here’s how to break the habit — without cutting the cord.

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The ping of a text or a Google search lights u...

28 Jun 2018

The sad fact is that a fair number of teens and young adults wind up in jail. Thankfully, my son found a get-out-of-jail card before it was too late.

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My most vivid memories of my son’s elementary school years center on principal or teacher reques...

11 May 2018

If your job is sedentary, lacks social interaction, or involves repetitive tasks, chances are it bores you — even if you love what you do. Here’s how you can turn those moments of apathy into motivation.

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You may like your job and the people at the office...

9 May 2018

Women with ADHD have spent their lives scrabbling around for social footing, constantly on edge. This life of fear brings on anxiety — I know, because I have it. Here’s what my day-to-day life looks like, and what I do to cope.

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On days when I’m n...

6 May 2018

Whether you fear criticism, misjudge the passage of time, or get overwhelmed by the sheer size of your to-do list, procrastination is a problem that most with ADHD share. Learn three common reasons why we procrastinate, and try some of these great hacks to get started...

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