10 Oct 2018

…and I wish I hadn’t believed the lies for so long.

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The first time I heard about stimulant abuse, I was in middle school. According to rumors, our vice principal had been caught stealing a kid’s Ritalin from the nurse’s office and, seemingly overnight, h...

4 Oct 2018

Some insights from fathers who found it hard to understand their ADHD kids....

10 Sep 2018

Solid college prep begins at home, and it doesn’t happen overnight — so make a long-term plan to help your child succeed when she heads to campus.

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First, the good news: the number of students with ADHD and/or LD attending college has increased exponential...

9 Sep 2018

The first five weeks are critical to your child’s campus success. Here’s an action plan to get him through it all.

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Your teen’s bags are packed, and the minivan is filled with school supplies, dorm essentials, and the trusty mini-fridge. You and your teen...

10 Aug 2018

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Combining ADHD stimulants with other drugs compromises symptom management and poses an array of health risks to teens with attention deficit.

Research has not concluded whether teens and young adults with attention deficit disorder (A...

5 May 2018

Dear outside world: ADHD is not a disease or dysfunction, no matter how ashamed we are made to feel. We don’t want to be cured. Or coddled. Or saved. We just want you to believe us when we tell you how hard we’re working to accommodate you, to keep you happy, to make y...

29 Apr 2018

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On their own, ADHD symptoms are difficult to manage. But when you don’t have the support of family, friends, and loved ones, the burden becomes exponentially harder to bear. Here are 7 straightforward tips for asking for — and getting — the help you need...

28 Apr 2018

It’s almost time for you to step back and let your teen solve his own problems — but before you do, check out these ways to prepare him for the challenge.

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Parents walk a tightrope trying to help their ADHD teens get ready to take responsibilities on their...

26 Apr 2018

What parents of boys with ADHD should watch for as their sons pass through adolescence.

Source: wix.com

Until he was 10 or 11, Robert was cheerful and lively, if sometimes distractible and hyper. Then came 12 and 13. “He alternates between couch potato and monster,” says...

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