11 May 2018

If your job is sedentary, lacks social interaction, or involves repetitive tasks, chances are it bores you — even if you love what you do. Here’s how you can turn those moments of apathy into motivation.

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You may like your job and the people at the office...

1 Apr 2018

You may be alarmed if you've watched the recent Netflix documentary - Take Your Pills (see trailer below) -  also watch Dr. Hallowell's view on the Netflix documentary... - video below..

27 Feb 2018

Your ADHD medication helps with focus and impulsitivity — but you still struggle with time management, organization, and self-esteem. Could an ADHD coach be the solution you need? Read on to research the pros and cons of coaching.

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You’re an adult wi...

26 Feb 2018

Michelle Beckett, a 44-year-old entrepreneur from Harrogate, always knew she was different. But, like many women who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), she did not fit the stereotypical profile of a child with the condition. Beckett’s difficul...

25 Feb 2018

Michael Phelps, hailed as the greatest Olympian ever, has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Can his, and others', success be used help inspire younger people?

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One has acquired more Olympic medals than any other athlete in history. The other was kn...

25 Feb 2018

Costs of the disorder in adults who are unable to work or hold down a full-time job are high, says thinktank

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, could be costing the UK billions of pounds a year, according to a new report that says awarenes...

20 Feb 2018

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Between the two of us, we’ve had every woman’s ADHD-related catastrophe imaginable, and we’ve survived. After failing miserably at tasks that should be easy, we stepped back, took stock of our lives, our relationships, and our ADHD and came up w...

2 Feb 2018

Spending too much time online? You’re not alone — the instant gratification of Internet searches can boost dopamine in the brains of adults with ADHD. Here’s how to break the habit — without cutting the cord.

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A life preserver for t...

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