17 Oct 2018

Google will tell you that marriage with ADHD is difficult, but there are so many traits that come along with the condition I wouldn’t trade in for the world. They make my wife the woman I love.

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I asked my amazingly wonderful, devastatingly handsome, most...

16 Oct 2018

Does your partner struggle to understand your ADHD brain? Here, one couple’s secrets to a happy marriage—and their long journey to acceptance.

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My husband, Victor, is a neatnik. He tidies his paperwork so that it lines up with the edge of his desk. The pa...

15 Oct 2018

Stress, volatile emotions, and looming deadlines can affect two people in very different ways — and this can strain ADHD-affected relationships. Here, find ideas from spouses with ADHD for bridging this gap and bringing the love back to your partnership.

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22 Feb 2018

Whether you’re married, dating, or in a long-term romantic relationship, ADHD can take a serious toll on both partners’ communication skills. A new kind of couple’s therapy may be the solution.

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If you have ADHD, and are married to someone without...

22 Feb 2018

…but living with them is often another matter. The good news: With a few dry erase boards and a sense of humor, you can make it work. Here’s how.

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Any relationship advice expert will tell you that it’s natural for married couples to have occasional...

21 Feb 2018

If raising a child with ADHD can strain even the sturdiest marriage, imagine what it does to the rest of us. Follow these seven steps to save your relationship when parenting problems threaten to split it apart.

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One of the best gifts you can give...

21 Feb 2018

“My husband and I have ADHD, and our daughter was recently diagnosed with it. Helping her has increased tension between us. Can we calm things down?”

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The most important thing you can do for you and your daughter about her attention deficit hyperac...

20 Feb 2018

You understand that your spouse’s or child’s ADHD symptoms are not the result of laziness or defiance. But, still, they are sometimes tough to live with. Here, ADHD expert Russell Barkley, Ph.D., explains how to replace criticism with compassion.

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19 Feb 2018

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This Is Hard - Really

Motherhood is challenging for everyone. For overwhelmed moms with ADHD, it is the job from hell. It requires top-notch organization, prioritization, and time-management skills — a perfect choreography of the brain’s executive...

26 Jan 2018

If you’ve been talking with your partner about the same ADHD-related marriage problems for many years, it may be time to take a different approach and create a work-around.

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A couple arguing about their ADHD-related marriage problems

When it...

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