28 Mar 2019

“If your child were addicted to drugs or alcohol, would you let him have just a little bit?” It was this question from Matthew’s cognitive behavior therapist that started my head spinning. My child was addicted to video games, and I wasn’t doing enough to help him reco...

19 Aug 2018

As your child matures, his meltdowns should stop, right? Not exactly. As hormones kick into high gear, ADHD-related behavior problems come on fast and furious. Here’s how to navigate puberty with ADHD.

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My middle-school son is pretty typical. When he’s hom...

18 Aug 2018

Advice for parents helping tweens cope with the intense emotions of middle school: protein, ask the right questions, and problem-solve to calm things down.

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Ever since your child took his first step, you’ve been preparing him for the “emotional falls” of l...

24 Jun 2018

The hormonal and physical riptides of puberty add layers of strife for teens with ADHD. In this video, learn what that means for ADD symptoms.

In one way or another, hormonal changes directly impact most adolescents’ ADHD symptoms. But the shift can look different for...

23 Jun 2018

“Adolescent boys with ADHD are their own worst enemies because they refuse to ask for help.” How to help your teenage son recognize his strengths, take responsibility, and succeed in high school.

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How Is ADHD Different In Teen Boys?

Teen boys face t...

22 Jun 2018

The teenage years mean new independence — and mistakes. Use this 10-step plan to help your teen manage ADHD on his own terms by letting him make mistakes, choosing your priorities, and nixing parental guilt.

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I saw Donny for an ADHD evaluation shor...

1 May 2018

“If he could, he would.” Children with ADHD don’t always act rudely or awkwardly on purpose — sometimes, they simply lack the executive function skills to keep up with confusing social norms and fast-paced conversations. Here’s how parents can reframe these social chal...

30 Apr 2018

Don’t listen to what other people think about you, because they don’t know you like we do.

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As I sit at my desk, wiping my tears and preparing myself for the workday, I am overwhelmed. I am filled with frustration and joy all at once. You will understand t...

26 Apr 2018

What parents of boys with ADHD should watch for as their sons pass through adolescence.

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Until he was 10 or 11, Robert was cheerful and lively, if sometimes distractible and hyper. Then came 12 and 13. “He alternates between couch potato and monster,” says...

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