15 Apr 2020

We hear the term ‘self care’ banded around a lot these days. What does it really mean and why is it important in the context of ADHD.

I believe self care should be an holistic approach to keeping our mind and body healthy in three pillars to ‘self care’ success:

1. Exerc...

14 Feb 2020

ADHD cannot “cause” PTSD, but childhood trauma may trigger ADHD. Due to overlapping symptoms and tangled roots, distinguishing between the two can be difficult and nuanced. Learn the similarities and differences here.

 Source: wix.com

It’s not uncommon for mental health...

3 Oct 2019

Many of the clients I coach have difficulties with sleep. Sleep is incredibly restorative for our mind and body and therefore essential for our overall well being. An adult requires between 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Here is an article outlining some strategies y...

16 Apr 2019

What if your child’s lying is not evidence of a character flaw or disrespect? What if his fibs are actually a self-preservation strategy rooted in poor inhibition, emotional regulation, working memory, and attention — all hallmarks of ADHD? This is the premise behind a...

28 Mar 2019

“If your child were addicted to drugs or alcohol, would you let him have just a little bit?” It was this question from Matthew’s cognitive behavior therapist that started my head spinning. My child was addicted to video games, and I wasn’t doing enough to help him reco...

20 Oct 2018

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that's responsible for drive, motivation, focus, concentration and more. Too much and you become a reckless risk-taker, too little and you become apathetically depressed. Like serotonin, you want to be in the sweet spot.

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October 9, 2018

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