16 Jan 2018

Disagreements over ADHD medications are common, but they can still be challenging for families to overcome. Here’s what to do when you say yes to meds, but your spouse says no.

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Two parents disagreeing over their child's ADHD medication

You and your...

15 Jan 2018

The quest for adolescent independence pushes many teens (especially boys with ADHD) away from school achievement – and the parents who push it.

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Why Teens Opt Out Academically

Three main motivation problems tend to impede and shanghai teens’ academi...

14 Jan 2018

Tics or Tourette Syndrome

ADHD frequently co-occurs in children with Tourette Syndrome. Less than 10 percent of those with ADHD have Tourette’s, but 60 to 80 percent of children with Tourette Syndrome have ADHD. The ADHD diagnosis usually precedes the onset of the motor...

13 Jan 2018

Despite much research, how sleep, ADHD, medication and other disorders are related remains uncertain. Scientists are working to develop a clearer idea how the different regions of the brain interact and overlap for attention, sleep and functioning.

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11 Jan 2018

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October 9, 2018

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